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L-CNG for Transport 2015

Regional seminars organized by the NGVA Europe are held in different countries each year, mainly targeting local industries and decision makers. This year the seminar will be held in Finland!

A country of thousands of lakes and islands, one of the best examples of where natural gas is a major fuel for the transport sector, this year takes the opportunity to host the 2nd NGVA Europe Regional Seminar 2015! The event, organized by the Natural Gas Vehicles Association, will be held between March 17-18 in Helsinki, at the local Hilton Hotel.

The most important issues to be discussed during the seminar include infrastructure, end users, vehicles and fuel. The speakers will focus on topics such as:

  • LNG/CNG global market overview,
  • The Baltic area – the gate for infrastructure development in the north of Europe,
  • Transport applications of L-CNG,
  • The benefits of NGVs – end user’s perspective,
  • The use of L-CNG for marine and road vehicles.

The event will bring together European companies from the natural gas transport industry (including producers, sellers, manufacturers, etc.), delegates and end users. More information concerning the seminar can be found at the event's official website.


  • LPG and CNG cars
  • Hybrids and EV's
  • News and tips

Ewa Litwińska
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