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GasShow 2013 - crowds expected

The nearest edition of the LPG/CNG/LNG exhibition and conference event in Poland and this part of the globe will not start until nearly six months from now, but we already feel it is well worth waiting for. All of the industry's major companies have already confirmed attendance and if someone still dreams of a large stand, they will probably have to build it somewhere else – all the featured top spots at the Expo XXI centre are long gone!

As the organisers claim, despite the relatively remote launch date over 60 stands and booths have already been reserved by exhibitors willing to participate. By this we should understand the most featured ones, occupied by the autogas equipment sector's „fat cats”. No wonder why – no top player can afford to wait until the last moment, because smaller companies may take their place, which would mean an image flop for any major brand. None of this will happen, though, and the entire first league of Polish and global manufacturers will be present in Warsaw.

Who else is coming? The details are obviously confidential, but surely everyone who wants to be well perceived will show up. Newcomers and companies from smaller, exotic markets are also to be expected. Not all of these minor brands will become household names in the relatively crowded Polish market reality, but they might present some interesting ideas as we know they have in the past. We are eagerly looking forward to receiving further information about the exhibitors, although we are looking forward to the event even more eagerly. Anyone still thinking of participation should definitely hurry – available space is becoming limited by the day. See you in Warsaw next March!

As usual, will be there at GasShow 2013 as the event's primary media partner. Everyone unable to attend will find first-hand coverage at our site during and after the largest autogas event in this part of Europe and the world.


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Robert Markowski
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