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GasSUF 2013 - gasses of the world, unite!

Moscow, Russia's capital, is about to become the world's capital as far as LPG, CNG and LNG are concerned. Between October 15 and 17 Moscow's VVC exhibition centre will host the 11th edition of the GasSUF conference and exhibition, where each and every fan of gaseous fuels and green propulsion technologies (including biomethane, hydrogen and fuel cells) will find something interesting for themselves. Now that's what we call versatility!
GasSUF 2013© GasSUFIf you're into gaseous motor fuels, you've got to be there!

Even though using methane as motor fuel has been becoming popular in Russia lately, GasSUF's organisers advertise the event as the only one in the country dedicated solely to CNG as oil-based fuels substitute for trucks, buses and other vehicles. We'd say it's quite surprising since Russia is a major methane producer, not to say a methane superpower. Maybe it wasn't until now that it was decided to make broader use of natural gas locally instead of exporting it?

Whatever the cause, the GasSUF is an event characterised by a very comprehensive approach to all sorts of gaseous fuels. The exhibition has been divided into seven major parts, each of which could easily become a standalone event:

  • manufacture and use of gaseous motor fuels – LPG, CNG, LNG, biomethane and hydrogen – and fuel cells;
  • gas-powered vehicles: cars, buses, specialised vehicles, tractors, locomotives, ships and air vessels;
  • refueling equipment;
  • cryogenic tanks and equipment;
  • tanks and fittings;
  • design and development of gaseous fuel-related infrastructure;
  • converting vehicles to run on gaseous fuels.

Available exhibition area is shrinking rapidly, since all the major companies from all over the world have already announced their presence in Moscow. Among them there are truck and bus manufacturers, as well as tank, fittings, refueling station equipment and compressor makers. And even though CNG will be in the event's spotlight, the GasSUF is an event big enough to accommodate all things gaseous. When mid-October comes, all eyes turn to Moscow!


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Robert Markowski
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