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DVFG-Herbstarbeitstagung 2013 - an LPG equipment expo

The LPG sector worldwide never sleeps and sun never sets on it. There are numerous fairs, exhibitions and conferences coming, among them an event hosted by the DVFG – Deutscher Verband Flüssiggas, or German LPG Association. Save the date on November 11-12, 2013.
DVFG logo© DVFGGermany is a rapidly expanding autogas market, so the DVFG (German LPG Association) has more and more work on its hands. Hosting the LPG equipment expo is just one example of what they do

The LPG sector needs all sorts of equipment: storage tanks, tanker trailers, dispensers, nozzles, valves, etc. If you want to keep your liquefied gas knowledge to date, consider coming to Düsseldorf this Autumn. All the key players are bound to be there to display what is now the name of the game in the autogas (and LPG in general) business. Head to the DVFG's website for more information concerning the event, including venue details. As for the agenda and exhibitors list, they are yet to be revealed. Still, being there is something to consider.


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Robert Markowski
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