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City of Gold welcomes NGV 2014 South Africa

Johannesburg is known as the City of Gold due to the discovery of this precious metal in the Main Reef of Witwatersrand in 1886. Also, the city is well known for successfully hosting a number of global events in its recent history. So it's not a surprise that it's been decided to arrange the South African NGV 2014 meeting exactly in Johannesburg.

The event, including a two-day exhibition with presentations of products and services, will be held on November 17-20, 2014, at the Sandton Convention Center.

During the event attendees will have the opportunity to listen to speakers from significant organizations and institutions, including NGV Global (International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles), NGVA Europe (European Association for Natural Gas Vehicles) and NGV Italy (Italian Association for Natural Gas Vehicles) who will talk about NGV experience worldwide.

Apart from interesting discussion panels, the organizers prepared other activities, among them Technical Tours – participants will visit Novo Energy’s refueling station and conversion workshop or CNG Holdings’ refueling station and virtual pipeline.

All the necessary information concerning the event can be found at the official website. supports the event as a media partner.


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Ewa Litwińska
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