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Central & Eastern European Gas Conference 2017

After 30 years of European and global gas market partnership expertise, DMG Events will host the inaugural edition of the Central & Eastern European Gas Conference (CEE Gas) in Zagreb, Croatia scheduled for February 15-16, 2017.

Bringing together all key stakeholders including gas suppliers, TSOs, regulators, government members, commercial executives and industry consultants, CEE Gas will provide an unrivalled platform for the strategic roadmap to a diverse and secure natural gas future for the region.

Central & Eastern European Gas Conference 2017© CEE GasThere's still much time left to register, but don't wait until the last moment

The CEE region of countries, from the Baltics to the Balkans, is undergoing a process of profound change in terms of its interconnected energy market dynamics. The constant evolution of liberalised energy markets, the need for supply security and diversity, and the political and economic volatility of the region have created a matrix of interacting elements which can and will influence the whole issue of natural gas security for the EU.

As projects such as the "North-South Gas Corridor" gain both commercial support and political momentum, Europe’s eyes are now open to the possibilities of strategic alliances to connect European gas supply sources from the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas to the rest of Europe. Key countries including Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, along with the European Commission have signed an MoU to invest in both infrastructure and cross-border interconnections, as well as improving the investment environment through targeting regulatory, financial, permitting and internal market obstacles. In addition, potential new supplies from Iran, Azerbaijan and North America will invigorate a growing market.

For details regarding the event's agenda and registration, visit the official website or contact Neill Howard of DMG Events. is a media partner of the conference.


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