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CNG/LNG for transport - a Prague perspective

If you are into CNG and LNG, go to Prague, Czech Republic, between February 19 and 20, 2013. The 6th edition of the Prospects for the Development and Use of CNG/LNG in Transport conference is coming and will be an opportunity to discuss the condition and prospects of the CNG/LNG sector.
NGV Prague 2012 conference© CGOAThe conference's previous editions were very successful, we are sure so will be this year's one

The meeting will take place at the U Hajku conference centre and its basic ideas are simple: to promote the use of methane-based fuels in road transport, improve refueling infrastructure in order to provide drivers with a sufficient number of CNG/LNG stations, encourage the growth of compressed and liquefied natural gas-powered vehicles number and enhance the consciousness of present and future users in terms of environmental benefits of switching from oil-based fuels to methane-based gaseous ones.


The conference has been divided into four theme panels:


  • Infrastructure development and market opportunities,
  • NGV technologies and equipment,
  • Promising LNG and biomethane,
  • NGV manufacturers’ and operators’ experience.

Anyone interested in CNG and LNG is welcome. The interesting thing is that the meeting is going to be held in a relatively small country, which is nonetheless devoted to developing an efficient CNG/LNG network. The task might seem easy as compared to the effort that had to be taken e. g. in Germany, but then there are fewer potential users, so convincing decision-makers might still pose a challenge. Take the time to visit Prague and Czech out the conference!


  • LPG and CNG cars
  • Hybrids and EV's
  • News and tips

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