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CNG & LNG Safety 2014

CNG & LNG Safety: Perception and Reality is the leading topic of this year's series of the Critical Issues Workshops. The event will allow to explore the most crucial technology and safety issues facing today's NGVs.

Expert speakers will discuss CNG and LNG vehicle technologies from the safety perspective. Special attention will be dedicated to fuel storage components and systems for both CNG and LNG. During the event participants will have the opportunity to share and exchange their experience and knowledge with others attendees – NGV stakeholders and customers, policy makers, equipment suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and more.

The two-day event’s programme includes a lot of interesting and crucial issues for the NGV industry:

  • Understanding the critical elements in the NGV safety chain,
  • Technical issues for CNG safety,
  • LNG safety for road, rail and sea,
  • Design and safety of CNG and LNG fuelling systems,

and many more…

The event, organized by Clean Fuels Consulting, will be held on 8-9 October at the Hotel Le Châtelain in Brussels, Belgium. Come and join to the attendees!

To get more information about the event, visit the official website.


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