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CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks workshop 2016

Clean Fuels Consulting is hosting its seventh Critical Issues Workshop, this time called “CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks: Opportunities, Challenges and Innovations” on April 13-14, 2016 in Brussels.
CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks workshop 2016© Clean Fuels ConsultingBe sure to mark your calendar and soon!

The CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks workshop is designed to bring together high-level experts and industry stakeholders to address the very specific and challenging issues related to natural gas storage on trucks and ships. The goal of the workshop, based upon critical issues identified over two-half-day sessions, is to promote specific actions and strategies relative to NGV fuel systems that will contribute to the steady market growth of NGVs – on land and at sea.

Participate and you will get the opportunity to discuss the following issues with vehicle manufacturers, NGV stakeholders, government regulators and others:

  • Current and projected market growth for CNG cylinders and LNG tanks for trucks & ships;
  • Latest innovations and opportunities for CNG and LNG storage technologies;
  • Gaps and needs for further development and harmonization of standards and regulations that will reduce costs, promote safety and advance innovations of CNG cylinders and LNG tanks for trucks and ships;
  • R&D opportunities to get innovative natural gas storage technologies onto vehicles.

For more information about the workshop please visit the official website. is a media partner of the event.


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