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The Automechanika Istanbul fair coincides with the Petroleum Istanbul event. Companies from the LPG sector, which is particularly strong in Turkey, are also featured there. Thanks to rapid development of the LPG industry, the country is seriously considered for accession to the euro currency area.

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Turkey has silently become an automotive economic superpower over the last couple of years. 850 thousand new cars were sold there in 2013 and many major manufacturers have their factories in the country. Turkey's efficient monetary and fiscal policy make the country's economy tackle the global downturn with hardly any harm and the customs union between Turkey and the European Union make the country (whose only 3 per cent of surface lies in Europe) aspire to become a part of the Old Continent.

The Automechanika Istanbul, itself the most versatile automotive sector event in the Euro-Asian region, will take place on April 10-13, 2014. The event has been going on since 2001 and is organised by the world's fair moguls – Messe Frankfurt and Deutsche Messe.

The 2012 edition – the latest so far – confirmed demand for a major automotive sector event in the region. 1245 companies from 36 countries participated as exhibitors, with nearly 44 thousand visitors coming to see the expo. The upcoming 2014 edition is expected to crank the numbers up by at least 10 per cent.

The fair is primarily about spare parts (Parts & Systems), car workshop equipment (Repair & Maintenance), customisation and modification (Accessories & Tuning) and, last but not least, management and information systems (IT & Management).

The Automechanika Istanbul takes place along the Petroleum Istanbul fair – a fair that brings together 200 exhibitors from the fuel industry, among them those working with LPG and CNG. The Petroleum Istanbul fair is hosted by Enerji Fuarcilik, Hannover-Messe International Istanbul and Messe Frankfurt Istanbul Ltd.

I'm convinced the 2014 edition will become Turkey's most important sector event. The market's positive outlook coincides with interest from customers, who are willing to use the opportunities offered by the rapidly growing marketplace.

Tayfun Yardim, managing director of the Messe Frankfurt Istanbul has the honour of supporting the prestigious event as its media partner. Stay tuned for a full coverage of both the Automechanika Istanbul and Petroleum Istanbul soon after both events end.


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