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Alternative Fuels World Fair 2016

Biogas, CNG, LNG, LPG, EVs and hydrogen as motor fuel – all this and much more awaits those planning to attend the Alternative Fuels World Fair in Bologna Fiere, Italy, on May 25-28, 2016. Interested? Read on for details of the event.
Alternative Fuels World Fair 2016© Alternative Fuels World Fair 2016Got plans for May 2016? Now you do!

The fair will feature both exhibition of alternative fuel technology applications and interactive seminars. Admission is free for visitors, so high attendance is expected. Exhibitors and delegates need to register – see the official site for details. However, be prepared that there isn't much information available there for the moment, but expect that to change as the event draws nearer.

Why is this event hosted in Italy? It's simple – the country remains a European leader in terms of number of NGVs on the roads and LPG autogas is also still very strong in there. In fact, Italy is the country that pioneered the use of alternative gaseous fuels decades ago, so who better to gain experience from? Plus, you get the benefit of visiting Bologna, a treat in its own right. If you're into alternative fuels, you should definitely consider going!


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