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AZK Expo 2016

The Premier Expo Company invites you to take part in the 18th International Motor Fueling Complex' 2016 Trade Exhibition! The exhibition will demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment for petrol and gas stations as well as services for petrol station designing, construction and decorative arrangement.
AZK Expo 2016© AZK ExpoUkraine is a promising autogas market and the 2016 AZK Expo is a great opportunity to have a deep insight into it

The past couple of years have seen the development of the Motor Fueling Complex trade fair that has been a reflection of the growing fueling service market in terms of both quality and quantity. Convenience systems furnished in the latest technologies and offering a line of allied services come to take place of customary petrol stations.

Along with the general growth, the separate sections of the fair also develop. Thus last year (in 2015), a big trade exhibition "Gas as Alternative Fuel" has originated to encompass a broad range of offers ranging from LPG terminals to conversion services.

Thematic sections:

  • Filling Stations (fuel and gas dispenser, LPG systems, equipment for petrol, LPG, CNG stations);
  • Motor Fuel (petrol, gas fuels, biofuel, hydrogen, delivery and storage equipment);
  • Roadside Service (service stations, washing systems, mini-shops, cash registers);
  • Garage and parking (automatic gates, parking systems, road blocks);
  • Building and promotion technologies and design (petrol station ad design, building materials and structures, environmental protection).

The 18th International Motor Fueling Complex' 2016 Trade Exhibition will be held between 25-27 of May at the International Exhibition Centre, Kiev. is a media partner of the event. For more information, a detailed agenda or sponsorship opportunities please visit the official website.


  • LPG and CNG cars
  • Hybrids and EV's
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