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AEGPL Congress 2015 - destination: Berlin

With a host of museums, theaters and architectural gems, the capital of Germany is no doubt attractive. Ample hotel base, plentiful air and train connections all make Berlin the perfect city where global and European events could take place. Including the 2015 AEGPL Congress.
AEGPL Congress 2015© AEGPLThe 2015 edition of the Congress will be a standalone event, not coinciding with the World LPG Forum

There are more than 11 million cars in Europe running on autogas, serviced by more than 30000 filling stations. Out of the above, Germany has 500000 autogas vehicles on its roads, serviced by a network of more than 6000 stations.

The Exhibition and Congress organized by the AEGPL are a great opportunity for companies to showcase and promote their latest products, innovations and technologies concerning the LPG sector. Also, the event helps the attendees to keep up with their competitors and to stay updated on the European market.

2015's biggest LPG exhibition and conference in Europe will be held between May 20-21, 2015. The venue of the Congress is the Berlin ExpoCenter City, the main exhibition center in the city. is a media partner of the 2015 AEGPL Congress.

To get more information about the event, make sure to visit the official website.


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