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8th Conference on Gaseous Fuel Powered Vehicles

Gaseous motor fuels are becoming widely recognised for their environmental and economical benefits. What does the future hold for them? Will they exist alongside hybrid and electric drivetrains or are they just a temporary solution? Go to Stuttgart, Germany, on October 22-23, 2013 and you might find the answer.
FKFS logo© FKFSThe FKFS is an automotive research institute based in Stuttgart, Germany. Where better to talk about gaseous motor fuels?

As it happens, the 8th Conference on Gaseous Fuel Powered Vehicles will take place there at that time. Its speakers and participants will present and discuss the green credentials of natural gas, also from a perspective of factory-converted, brand new cars powered with CNG fuel. They are readily available, cheap to run, easy on the environment (they emit on average 20% less CO2 than today's petrol and diesel vehicles) and – given there is sufficient refueling infrastructure at hand – need no technological breakthrough to become popular. If you desire more on the topic, save the date and head for Stuttgart this October! Meanwhile, see more at FKFS's (the organiser's) website.


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