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7th CNG Conference Tehran 2016

It's no mystery that Iran is a major NGV market, so it should come as no surprise that an event dedicated to CNG and its use as motor fuel is to be held in the country. The conference and exhibition is coming to Tehran in January 2016.
7th International Conference & Exhibition on Low Carbon Transport-CNG & Vehicle Alternative Fuels© cngconf.comNeed proof that CNG as motor fuel is broadly discussed in Iran? Look at the conference's title - it's the 7th edition!

The full name of the event is 7th International Conference & Exhibition on Low Carbon Transport-CNG & Vehicle Alternative Fuels and it will be held on January 18-20, 2016. The goal is to survey the opportunities and threats of infrastructure developments of using alternative fuels and introduction of new technologies in automotive industry and reviewing the challenges. Participating ministers will include the Minister of Petroleum, Mr. Zanganeh and the Minister of Industry Mines & Trade, Mr. Nematzadeh.

This important conference builds upon a series of successful conferences on the subject of vehicles, CNG and alternative fuels. The focus in 2016 is upon the role of low carbon transport as a key mechanism for a transition through gas to a low carbon Iranian economy. In this way Iran's current unsustainably high intensity of carbon use may be reduced as energy security and resilience are increased.

Iran's existing CNG infrastructure currently fuels more than 20% of Iran's road transport, and the main focus of the conference will be on how this infrastructure may be taken to the next level by regenerating the existing mainly urban road transport CNG network and extending it throughout Iran in the most efficient way.

The existing scope of the investment & development opportunity extends to 140 thousand CNG bi-fuel taxis, the construction of more than 1000 CNG refuelling stations, 65 thousand heavy duty CNG vehicles, 17 thousand intercity CNG buses, but the broadening of CNG use from this urban base requires innovation and imagination. The conference will also explore extension of CNG fuel use to marine, rail and light rail, and to innovative use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen & dimethyl ether, as well as technology such as fuel cells and innovative hybrids of all kinds.

Crucially, the conference will also explore the legal frameworks and financial instruments within which the necessary investment of hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of domestic Iranian and international resources may be deployed to meet the challenge of low carbon transport in Iran.


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