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2nd Middle East LPG Summit 2016

The Middle East may not be the largest LPG user in the world, but certainly is a very important producer and exporter of the fuel. Be sure to join the 2nd Middle East LPG Summit in Tehran, Iran, this December. Don't miss out!
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As the largest exporter of LPG in the world, the Middle East’s domestic consumption of LPG is often overlooked. With burgeoning demand however, its downstream markets is just as active as its upstream and the Middle East LPG Summit will be the one opportunity to delve into the downstream environment in the Middle East, promote safe practices and build a sustainable marketplace.

The agenda includes the following panels:

  • Opportunities and challenges in Iran's energy industry;
  • Potentials and challenges in Iran's domestic LPG market;
  • Ready for business: meeting world demand for LPG;
  • Updates on LPG development in Kuwait, UAE and Oman;
  • LPG cylinders;
  • and more...

For details and registration, participation and sponsorship opportunities, visit the official website. is a media partner of the event.


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