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2nd Annual NGV Conference and Exhibition 2013

Methane as motor fuel keeps gaining momentum worldwide, so no wonder more and more conferences and exhibitions are organised around the globe to talk and showcase CNG and LNG. One such event is coming to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in late November 2013. Mark your calendars!
2nd Annual NGV Conference and Exhibition© FC Business IntelligenceThere can never be too many CNG/LNG-related conferences and exhibitions. At least as long as they contribute to the NGV sector development

Natural gas could be the oil of tomorrow. Only better, because it's greener and cleaner, even in its fossil form. Plus, biomethane production technology has been developed fast and greatly improved in recent years, so in the not-so-distant future we'll have methane fuel that not only doesn't contribute to the greenhouse effect, but helps reverse it by providing negative carbon footprint. This is why interest in methane-based transportation fuels has been on the rise lately and related conferences, congresses and meetings of all sorts have been held on all continents. At least the inhabitated ones.

Among them is the 2nd Annual NGV Conference and Exhibition, to be hosted in Amsterdam on November 25-26, 2013. It's set to gather CNG- and LNG-powered NGV fleet operators and manufacturers, who – in front of an audience consisting of others professionally interested in methane fuels – will speak of:

  • prospects for NG-powered truck and bus manufacturers from their own perspective;
  • NGV-favourable policy and ways of supporting its making;
  • developing CNG/LNG refueling infrastructure across Europe;
  • cooperating within the sector for the sake of its future well-being.

The event is supported by vehicle manufacturers: Scania, Daimler, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Solbus. We hope participants of the 2nd Annual NGV Conference and Exhibition will come to constructive conclusions, leading in turn to rapid development of the NGV sector.


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