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26th World LPG Forum - London, baby!

The annual World LPG Forum is a traveling event, but it is coming to Europe again for 2013. Thus you may expect – and rightly so – that the AEGPL Congress will be held simultaneously. But that is not all yet as there will be a third event to accompany the above two, so London will become the country's, the continent's and the world's capital for LPG!
26th World LPG Forum and 2013 AEGPL Congress© WLPGAComing to London? Get yourself cloned if you wish to attend all there is to attend!

Between October 1st and 3rd, 2013, London will rule the globe and the British monarchy has nothing to do with it. The United Kingdom's capital city will become the LPG world's focal point, drawing attention from the liquefied gas sector's professionals all over the planet. According to estimates, some 3000 delegates will come in person, including those interested in LPG as autogas only.

As we have mentioned above, the Forum will be accompanied by the AEGPL (European LPG Association) Congress, while the third event is going to be UKLPG's (British LPG Association's) annual conference. This means there will be plenty of opportunities to summarise this year's achievements on a national, European and global level. It is a once-in-a-long-time chance to listen to speakers and join discussions concerning a very broad spectrum of LPG-related topics. If you are coming, we will see you there, if not – be sure to read and see our coverage afterwards!


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