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2014 AEGPL Congress - this time in Genoa

Visiting annual AEGPL congresses is a good opportunity to visit Europe's most beautiful cities, since the event is a moving one. The 2014 edition gives you the chance Genoa, but above that – to participate in a major event of the European LPG sector.
2014 AEGPL Congress© AEGPLWant to see Genoa? Now you have a very good reason!

The European LPG Association's annual congress never takes place in the same city for two years in a row, just like the WLPGA Forum. What's the point, you may ask. Well, the point is that whenever the Forum and the Congress take place on the Old Continent, they are held together, just like in London in 2013. In 2014, however, the Congress has moved to Italy and the Forum is going to be held across the Atlantic, in Miami, USA. But for the time being, let's focus on the European event.

Like each year, the Congress is accompanied by an exhibition, which serves to showcase all the LPG sector's innovations in terms of products and services, obviously concerning both autogas and LPG for other uses. The event's organizers expect 1150 delegates from 35 countries and in excess of 90 exhibitors, so the Congress is definitely a high-profile event, serving as an opportunity for representatives of the entire sector to meet in one place and time and discuss the industry's condition, Brussels policy concerning it and prospects for future. Mark your calendar for May 14-15! We'll keep you up to date, but you may also see the event's official website for details.


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