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1st International NGV Forum in Russia

Attention all fans and anyone interested in the subject of NGV’s! We would like to inform you about the 1st International NGV Forum in Russia, which will be held on November 26, 2013 in Moscow, Russia. This show is unique as it is the ONLY NGV event in Russia, so… don't miss the opportunity!

What can be expected?

  • Some of the topics to be discussed during the forum include:
  • Analysis of the global natural gas vehicle market & Russia’s place in it
  • Legal, economic and organisational initiatives by the government to promote the production and use of natural gas as a motor fuel
  • Manufacturing automotive parts for NGV’s in Russia
  • NGV fuelling stations infrastructure

… and many more interesting topics, crucial for the industry.

The above issues will be discussed by stakeholders shaping the future of this industry, incuding :

  • Sergey Kogogin, Chairman of Management Board, General Director KAMAZ
  • Denis Kornienko, Deputy Director General for Commerce Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel
  • Roberto Valfre Di Bonzo, Country Manager CIS Fiat Industrial
  • Siegfried Wolf, Chairman Russian Machines
  • Joerg Mommertz, CEO MAN Truck and Bus RUS

The event is supported by Bosch, Rugasco, Schuler, AVL and Ecoalliance.


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Ewa Litwińska
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