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Winnebago and Icom team up for LPG bus

Winnebago may be primarily associated with huge, boxy motorhomes they make, but they also manufacture small public transport buses. They're based on Ford E-Series chassis and can feature autogas-powered engines co-developed with Italian LPG system producer Icom.
Winnebago Metro Link bus© motorhome.comLPG autogas makes anything - from scooter to bus - more economical, so thumbs up for the move

The Metro Link bus – as a part of Winnebago's new „Go Green” initative – comes in two LPG flavours: as a bi-fuel vehicle, running most of the time on autogas, but also on petrol should need arise, and as a dedicated mono-fuel one, using LPG only. Both versions used Icom's liquid state autogas injection systems. Buses will be offered with conversions already done, but Metro Worldwide, Winnebago's official distributor, is also going to offer Icom systems and retrofit conversions to vehicles manufactured earlier. Maintenance and warranty services will be a part of the deal between the two companies. LPG versions of the Winnebago Metro Link bus are already available, so now public transport fleet operators have one more vehicle (in two versions, though) to choose from.


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