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Volkswagen Polo TGI in the works

The announcement of the Seat Ibiza TGI and the debut of the 1,0 TGI engine were clear signs of a CNG-powered Volkswagen Polo coming. And now it's been confirmed: the supermini's sixth generation will be the first to run on natural gas.
2017 Volkswagen Polo© VolkswagenClean and very affordable to run - that's what Polo TGI is going to be

With 14 million examples sold since the debut in 1975, the Polo is one of the most popular nameplates in automotive history. Over the course of its lifetime in the market it used to feature a factory LPG autogas conversion (called Polo BiFuel), based on a 1,4 l MPI engine good for 85 PS. The newly announced methane-fueled Polo TGI BlueMotion will benefit from downsizing, featuring a 1-litre turbocharged unit with three cylinders and direct fuel injection, generating 90 PS.

The car is expected to hit the market by the end of 2017 or in early 2018. It's still too early to speak of details regarding fuel economy, technical details (such as tank capacity) or pricing, but if the CNG-powered Polo costs around the same as its diesel counterparts, it has every chance of succeeding in markets where compressed natural gas is popular, primarily Italy, Germany and Scandinavian countries. We'll share more information as soon as we receive it!


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