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VW Golf TGI BlueMotion - already in use

In Germany a new 7th generation Golf powered by compressed natural gas is already being delivered. The first car went to its owner just before New Year and this lucky driver can already rub his hands in anticipation of future savings.
Volkswagen Golf TGI BlueMotion - rear view© VolkswagenTSI, TDI, TGI – distinguishing Golfs powered by different kinds of fuel is a task for the perceptive!

We don’t have big hopes that Golf TGI BlueMotion will become a locomotive that will pull the German über-compact’s sale numbers. Due to under-developed network of CNG filling stations in most European countries, buyers who wish to cut down on running costs will surely opt for the model’s diesel version (TDI), but if you live in Germany, where infrastructure already includes almost 1000 places that offer compressed methane as fuel, the gas-powered version might be a very viable alternative to traditionally powered counterparts. We hope that the CNG version will appear in statistics measuring car popularity and will go beyond the margin of error. Any reasons why it should?

If you believe the manufacturer and data he provides (experience tells us to be skeptical, but there’s no other data than the official one at the moment), Volkswagen Golf TGI BlueMotion is supposed to consume 3.4 kg of CNG per 100 kilometers on average(a version with a dual-clutch 7-speed DSG gearbox), which translates into operating costs of only 3.65 euro per 100 kilometers. In Poland it would be only 15.35 PLN / 100 km (that’s 3.63 euro) but no sane person will buy such a car here in Poland. Driving range on CNG amounting to 440 km without refueling doesn’t save the situation…


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