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Two versions of gas-powered Ford Connect

Westport – the largest partner of Ford’s Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program – announced that it will offer two versions of a gas-powered Ford Transit Connect in 2015. One of these will be powered exclusively by natural gas, the other one will be a bi-fuel version.
Ford Transit Connect© FordFord Transit Connect

Such differentiation of gas versions will allow fleet operators to choose perfect cars for the conditions they will operate in. The vehicles meet the Clean Port Act emission standards. Therefore, they may be used by companies that, e.g. operate at airports (passengers and cargo transport).

Ford Transit Connect with a 2.5 liter gas engine has a much lower operating costs compared to vehicles powered by petrol.

Both versions of Connect will run on compressed natural gas thanks to Westport WiNG system.

Currently, Westport takes orders for Connects powered by gaseous fuel.


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