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Nissan NV200 Taxi LPG unveiled in Hong Kong

Nissan NV200 Taxi LPG unveiled in Hong Kong © Nissan

Seems like the LPG-powered Ford Transit Connect taxi for Hong Kong won't have an easy life – Nissan has simultaneously unveiled their own proposition for a Hong Kong cab. What advantages does the Japanese car have over its American counterpart?

The NV200 Taxi, already operating in Japan and the US (e. g. as the next-generation Yellow Cab in New York), is surely well prepared for the role. It's tall, has sliding doors on both sides and – perhaps most importantly – a retractable ramp at the back allowing passengers in wheelchairs easy entry. To highlight the importance of this feature, the launch ceremony was attended by chairman of the Direction Association for the Handicapped.

We are delighted to see the universal design taxi from Nissan on the road in Hong Kong. This barrier-free mode of transportation will be offered through a regular taxi service. I am confident that this new taxi will offer more transportation choices to all people in Hong Kong.

Lee Yuen Tai, chairman of the Direction Association for the Handicapped

Nissan NV200 Taxi LPG© NissanIrrespective of the model of the car, you can always easily recognise a Hong Kong taxi by its livery

Underneath the functional body lies a bi-fuel powertrain – traditionally for Hong Kong taxis, this dedicated version of the NV200 runs on LPG, but unlike formerly used cabs, it can also be powered with conventional petrol for improved range (albeit deteriorated economy). Compared to a mono-fuel LPG taxi based on a 2007 Nissan Cedric, the bi-fuel NV200 Taxi cuts NOX emissions by approx. 80 percent.

The car will enter service in Hong Kong in early 2015. Fifty units will be delivered for a start, so all isn't yet lost for the Ford Transit Connect LPG taxi. Will the two coexist peacefully alongside each other or fight until there's only one left standing? Only time will tell.


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