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New Volvo D13-LNG engine set for 2015

New Volvo D13 -gas engine will be a compression-ignition unit. The company will start taking orders this year, although the product will not be in offer before 2015.

The D13-LNG engine is a compression ignition engine, rather than a spark ignition engine like the ISX12 G engine currently available in our VNL models or the ISL G offered in our VNM models.

Göran Nyberg, sales and marketing president of Volvo Trucks in USA

Volvo VNL Clean Air Power© ACT ExpoThus far, Volvo had co-operated with Clean Air Power on their gas-diesel engines. The D13-LNG unit is manufactured in co-operation with Westport

Volvo D13-LNG engine is manufactured in co-operation with Westport – provider of dual fuel technology (simultaneous engine supply with diesel oil and natural gas). Thanks to this technology, about 95% of diesel oil will be replaced by gaseous fuel.

According to Volvo, the new engine will be much more efficient, resulting from diesel circulation and a 20% fuel efficiency improvement compared with spark ignition natural gas engines. Horsepower of up to 455 with 2,400 Nm of torque is promised.

Introduction of this new Volvo natural gas engine to the American market results from the increasing interest in cars powered by natural gas.

Apart from natural gas engines, the American branch of Volvo also promotes vehicles powered by DME (dimethyl ether). Polish company STAKO supplies fuel tanks to all Volvo vehicles powered by DME.


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