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Mercedes Econic NGT goes Viennese

A specially equipped Mercedes Econic NGT, featuring a factory-fitted CNG system, has started operating at the Vienna International Airport. But the environmentally friendly fuel is just one of the reasons for purchase of this particular vehicle...
Mercedes Econic NGT catering truck© MercedesA single Econic NGT is no revolution, but it's something for a start

The Econic has been chosen for its quiet, efficient and clean CNG powertrain, but its low-entry cabin was also a factor. And it's not exactly because of driver's convenience. The vehicle will serve as a catering truck, so its low cabin will give it an edge over more conventional trucks. Why so? The catering superstructure is right above the cab, so it can be lifted very little (or not at all) if necessary, which means the vehicle is able to serve any plane between a Boeing 737 and an Airbus A380.

As for the Econic's environmental performance, the NGT beats its diesel-powered siblings. Even though all Econics are Euro-6-compliant, the variant running on compressed methane cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 20% compared to oil burners and spews out next to no particulate matter at all. Also, if fuelled with renewable biogas, the NGT version can be 100% carbon-neutral. If only planes the truck is about to serve could be equally environmentally friendly...


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