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GAZ Group delivers more CNG buses

The GAZ Group, one of the largest industrial conglomerates and vehicle manufacturers in Russia, has recently delivered 134 new compressed-natural-gas-powered buses to two Russian cities. They were all made under the PAZ brand.
PAZ 3205 bus© PAZA bus' design doesn't age as quickly as that of a car, but still you could tell at first glance the PAZ 3205 has been around for quite a while

PAZ, or Pavlovsky Avtobusny Zavod, is a bus manufacturer from Pavlovo, Russia. It's connections with GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) are long-standing and now PAZ, with an impressive output of approx. 10 thousand units per year, is a part of the larger GAZ Group. Exactly 134 units of the CNG-powered PAZ 32053 and 32054 buses, variants of the 3205 model, in production (with a number of modifications) since 1989, were delivered in December 2015 to western Russian regions of Voronezh (105 units) and Ulyanovsk (29 units).

The 32054 is a suburban service bus. It comes equipped with a Euro-4-compliant methane-powered engine. Thanks to 5 underbody-mounted CNG cylinders with a gross capacity of 50 l each, the vehicle offers 350 km of range before refueling. The 32053 is essentially the same, with the major difference being that the CNG tanks are located in the rear of the bus. The newly delivered vehicles were handed over to operators in official ceremonies attended by representatives of local authorities.

GAZ Group is the largest Russian manufacturer of the buses of all classes and applications fueled by CNG. CNG buses are the most potentially perspective direction in the development of public transport. These buses are the third batch we handed over to Ulyanovsk region under the CNG program in 2015.

E. Gorynin, GAZ Group Bus Division Director


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