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Ford Transit LPG not coming after all

Though it seems like we've only just announced the autogas-powered Transit coming to the US market, according to a new statement from Roush CleanTech the car's development has been cancelled. Read on to find out why.
Ford Transit LPG cancelled© FordNo LPG Transit for the US after all. Pity

Since the price relation between petrol and autogas in the US is not as significant as it is in most European countries, certain questions arose concerning the vehicle's economic viability. While Ford's E-series vans, featuring high-capacity V8 engines, have been successfully converted to run on LPG, the Transit is a smaller, European-developed car, which means it's by definition more economical. Apparently, it's actually too economical to be converted to autogas in the US, as it just wouldn't pay off. Hopefully, the engineering work invested in the vehicle to date will convince Ford to at least consider launching an LPG variant of the Transit in Europe.


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