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Ford Transit LPG coming (not so) soon

Ford of America's approved conversion specialist, Roush CleanTech, has announced the introduction of an LPG-powered full-sized Transit van. That's the good news. The bad news is it's not coming before mid-2016.
The US market version of the Ford Transit© FordThe Transit has come to America as a part of the One Ford global product unification philosophy. Hopefully it means the LPG variant is also coming to Europe

Why so late? Because the vehicle is under development – the engineers at Roush CleanTech have started working on it and have set themselves a deadline, but the lauch is still more than 18 months away. The interesting thing is, though, that this is basically a Euro-spec car, but the announcement of the LPG conversion comes first to the US, since over on the Old Continent diesel is king when it comes to commercial vehicles. Before the autogas-powered Transit actually hits the market, Ford's American customers can choose from a variety of E-Series vans, also converted to run on LPG by Roush CleanTech. Just to remind you, the company is certified under Ford's Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program, which means Ford doesn't prepare or market the conversion kits on their own, but has made an agreement with a renowned subcontractor.

We continue to assess all market feedback in an effort to bring the products to market that meet customer demand. We are seeing the fruits of market research with the recent launch of the propane autogas powered Ford F-450/550/650 and F-59 products. The propane autogas version of the new full-sized Transit is in development with a targeted launch date of mid 2016CY.

Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing


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