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Ford Mustang CNG - money for gas needed

Crowdfunding is a way of financing a variety of projects involving donations from people interested in products and services that are about to be developed. You can collect money to record an album or… convert your Ford Mustang to run on CNG!
© Performance CNGAn interesting idea but apparently not enough to make people want to support it. One more curious thing: the car is equipped with a Polish Zenit controller manufactured by Auto-Gaz Centrum.

Let’s start by saying that – regardless of the type of fuel used – this won’t be a conventional Mustang. Performance CNG – the company behind this “money raising” project – intends to build a CNG-powered muscle car with 470 hp. Does it still have anything to do with ecology? It surely does, when we think of other cars with such power, but we bet the “greens” will without a doubt have their reservations. Those willing to sponsor the construction of this car should be generous or encourage many friends to take part, as the aim of the project is to collect quite a large sum of money – 55 thousand dollars.

The car that forms the basis of the whole project is Mustang coupé from 2003, which already runs on CNG and in 2013 – to give the cause some publicity – was presented to a wider audience. Now the aim is to transform this car for teens into a monster that would scare adult men. With its performance – not maintenance costs or emission levels, as these are respectively 40 and 30% lower thanks to the use of CNG instead of petrol. What’s also important – especially for Americans and their sense of patriotism – the methane Mustang creates jobs! How? It’s powered by fuel manufactured domestically, without the need to import oil from abroad.

Daryl Patrishkoff, the initiator and coordinator of the project, assumes that more than half of the target amount (exactly 30 thousand dollars) will be used to obtain EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) approval concerning emission levels, fuel consumption and engine power. The rest is to be spent on high-performance components and renting a test bench for tests and measurements (10 thousand). We wish him all the best, but it’s hard to believe in the project’s success, because with seven days left until the end of the funding project, Patrishkoff received… $ 150. It means that he managed to convince two people to help him by giving him, respectively, 50 and 100 dollars.

The main problem might be that it’s really hard to say what’s the gain for those, who decide to help in funding this new Mustang. Usually participants get copies of a finished product or some kind of a premium version of funded service, but it seems that here the only satisfaction one could have is to take part in something that likely won’t change the world. Just a fast car to have some fun and show off, but powered by CNG… Still, good luck!


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