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Crazy Diamond Performance’s CNG Hot Rod

Crazy Diamond Performance’s CNG Hot Rod © Crazy Diamond Performance

American company Crazy Diamond Performance has developed a compressed natural gas-powered Hot Rod. The vehicle will promote the use of natural gas in cars.

The method of feeding fuel to the engine is innovative. The drive unit is powered with a system that injects natural gas directly into the combustion chambers.

We have successfully developed and are currently testing a new method of operation for using gaseous fuels in a DI engine.

Kevin Fern, President of Crazy Diamond Performance

Crazy Diamond Performance’s CNG Hot Rod© Crazy Diamond PerformanceCNG-powered Hot Rod created by Crazy Diamond Performance

The gas supply system developed by Crazy Diamond Performance, marked as LPDI (Low Pressure Direct Injection), has been patented and may be used to supply engines with gaseous fuel. The manufacturer stresses that it’s a new method of fuel injection, which may be used to power engines with natural gas, hydrogen or LPG. The fuel is injected directly to the combustion chambers. According to Crazy Diamond Performance, this method may change the alternative fuels industry, because the LPDI system can be used in cars that could not be converted to gas supply previously. The system also meets all requirements of engine manufacturers (OEM market).

The vehicle was built on the basis of a 1933 Ford. It has four Luxfer natural gas tanks mounted in its rear part.

The car, equipped with a 480 hp engine, will be shown at the Autorama Car Show which will take place in Detroit on 7-9 March 2014.


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