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Chevrolet Cruze CNG - EPA-approved

If you think the Impala CNG is Chevrolet's only natural-gas-powered car, you're right, but Crazy Diamond Performance has just obtained an EPA certificate for their own CNG conversion of Impala's smaller sibling, the Cruze.
Chevrolet Cruze© ChevroletThe new Cruze looks sharp, so no wonder the CNG-powered version cuts the fuel bill in half

The second generation Cruze hasn't even settled properly in the market yet, but now that Crazy Diamond Performance has received its EPA certification for a dedicated CNG conversion of the car, it can already be ordered with the greener, cost-cutting option of natural gas power. The system used on the Cruze is called ECODrive and features a type-3 CNG cylinder (aluminium liner wrapped in epoxy-resin-soaked carbon fiber). The car's CNG range is estimated at 320 miles (approx. 510 km) in highway mode, which isn't bad at all.

The Cruze may be Crazy Diamond Performance's latest creation to gain EPA approval, but the company is pursuing other ideas simultaneously. For instance, a dedicated CNG or LPG 6,8-litre heavy-duty TorqueDrive engine is under development. Its test have proven an 11% fuel economy advantage over GM's 6-litre unit, plus 60 HP of extra power and 154 lb.-ft. (209 Nm) of more torque. Also, the ECODrive system is being tested for release on the 1,4-litre engine used on the Chevrolet Trax/Buick Encore pair of small crossovers, known in Europe as Opel Mokka. Release is expected in September 2015.


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