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Chevrolet Chevelle SS LPG - it's a drag!

Chevrolet Chevelle SS LPG - it's a drag! © Alternate Fuels Racing

The Chevelle SS is one of America's most iconic muscle cars. While some of the surviving examples remain faithful to stock condition, this particular one has been deeply customised for drag racing. And an autogas system is a part of the package.
Chevrolet Chevelle SS LPG - the engine© Alternate Fuels RacingFor vapourisers are about enough to feed the thirsty beast with fuel

Under the bonnet of this fine 1970 copy rests a V8 engine (how obvious is that?) good for 454 PS. The unit is fed with LPG/autogas/propane, which comes as little of a surprise when you learn the car belongs to Richard "The ProPaneMan” Rowe, who spent three and a half years restoring and rebuilding the vehicle. While Richard was at it, his sponsor and employer, Terry Pennington of the Pennington Gas Service, suggested converting the drag racer to run on LPG instead of petrol. The ProPaneMan didn't need to be convinced twice...

The Chevelle's engine received two Impco 425 LPG carburetors attached to a Holley 780 petrol carburetor. At the back of the car, in the trunk, an LPG from a forklift truck was fitted to supply new fuel to the converted engine. As for the engine itself, the compression ratio has been raised from 8,5 to 13,5 and so has the cylinders' bore (to boost displacement). Later on in the customisation process, the car received two Century 2430 carburetors, protruding from the engine bay and through the bonnet.

All the modifications applied have made it possible to accelerate the Chevelle from standstill to 200 km/h (approx. 125 mph) in around 10 s. With this kind of performance, it's only natural the car has participated in IHRA's (International Hot Rod Association's) drag races around the US. Man, would we like to have a ride in that car...


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