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Alkane Dominator - Humvee on steroids

If you're into gaseous alternative fuels, the name Alkane may already ring some bells – it's the US company producing LPG-powered trucks based on Foton gliders imported from China. The line-up is about to be expanded with the Dominator, a spiritual heir to the legendary Hummer.
Alkane Dominator wearing state police livery© Alkane TrucksIf the looks of the Dominator doesn't stop criminals from trespassing the law, we don't know what will

Alkane uses quite a simple modus operandi: ready-made chassis cabs are shipped in from China and equipped on the spot, in the company's South Carolina facility, with powertrains supplied by PSI (Power Solutions International), Allison and Bi-Phase (engines, transmissions and liquid state LPG port injection systems, respectively). Apparently this works, because Alkane has announced that the class 7 and 8 medium-duty trucks will soon be accompanied in the portfolio by the Dominator – a non-compromising offroader, also motivated by an LPG-/CNG-capable engine.

The car has been designed with police/military/emergency/firefighter service in mind and equipped with a 6-litre V8 engine generating over 340 PS. As with units for the Alkane trucks, engines for the Dominator are sourced from PSI and optionally the bigger, 8,8-litre one can also be fitted. Both LPG and CNG are offered as alternative fuels and as far as the former is concerned, the producer promises power and torque curves are the same in LPG mode as in petrol mode. That's a bold statement, but we take Alkane's word for it.

Alkane Dominator tackling deep water© Alkane TrucksNo road? No problem!

Maintaining the right level of power and torque is quite crucial when it comes to this car, since the Dominator has been designed to reach all kinds of demanding terrain. According to Alkane, it can approach slopes as steep as 60° (with attack angle at 57° and the departure angle at 30°) and drive through water as deep as 80 cm (without snorkel) or even 170 cm (with snorkel). Optional equipment includes body armor, so losing precious horsepower and newtonmetres is the last thing the Dominator can afford.

Can this unassuming newcomer grow to become a legend comparable to the original Humvee, but without the burden of the latter's „environmental bomb on wheels” image? We can't see why not!


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Robert Markowski
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