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Zavoli Zeta Plus - reducer with a plus

Zavoli, Italian manufacturer of autogas systems and components, has introduced its new product – the Zeta Plus reducer for vapour state LPG injection systems. The vapouriser is offered in two efficiency/output versions to choose from.
Zavoli Zeta Plus reducer© gazeo.comThe Zeta Plus was displayed during the 2015 edition of the GasShow fair in Warsaw, Poland

The Zavoli Zeta Plus is a single-stage membrane-type reducer, equipped with a reportedly very efficient vapouriser heated with engine coolant fluid to properly vapourise LPG supplied to the engine bay from the autogas tank. Inlet connectors on the reducers are 16 mm in diameter.

The Zeta Plus is very compact on the outside (122x133x121 mm) and thus easy to mount in cramped engine bays of modern day cars. The dimensions are the result of the reducer's build – the highly efficient liquid state LPG filter, as well as the LPG electrovalve are integrated into the design so that overall size is as unaffected as possible.

Manufacturing of the reducer is fully automated, which means high production output and repeatability. It also means the reducer is characterised by precision and quality, so it's durable and reliable in the long run. As for reliability, it's confirmed by a run of tests once the manufacturing process is complete.

As mentioned above, the Zeta Plus is available in two output versions. The Normal variant is capable of supplying fuel to engines with up to 120 kW/163 PS of power, while the more powerful Super variant is said to cope with units churning out as much as 200 kW/272 PS. Ask your local Zavoli dealer/distributor for more details or pricing.


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