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Worthington debuts CNG cylinder at ACT Expo

While it may sound as hardly any news at all since making CNG cylinders is what Worthington normally does, this is in fact noteworthy – the new 26,2-inch model for Class 8 trucks is something of an event in its own right.
Worthington large diameter CNG cylinder© Worthington Industries

The new Type III cylinder is the largest of its kind in Worthington's line-up. According to the manufacturer, it provides outstanding fast-fill efficiency. This is thanks to the aluminum liner that disperses heat and makes it possible to store by 15 to 25 percent more fuel than similarly sized Type IV cylinders.

The large diameter cylinder has been designed with heavy-duty trucks in mind, particularly refuse vehicles. With the extra capacity it offers, greater driving ranges are possible. Also, the aluminum liner provides added safety in the case of impact.

We believe that the fast-fill efficiency and durability of our new large diameter cylinder will be a welcomed addition to the market, maximizing the fuel system design for original equipment manufacturers. Our 30 years of experience producing cylinders which safely and efficiently store and transport alternative fuels has made us a trusted name in CNG cylinders. Of the hundreds of thousands of cylinders Worthington has produced for alternative-fuel applications globally, we have never had a composite cylinder failure.

Wayne Powers, General Manager of Worthington Industries’ Alternative Fuels business


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