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Vikars 916 - from Turkey with love

Turkey is the largest autogas market in the world and that's hardly any news to anyone interested in the matter. It's also largely a self-sufficient market, since all major LPG components and entire systems are made locally. Still, they remain relatively unknown outside. Meet a reducer to begin with.
Vikars 916 sequential LPG reducer© VikarsUnassuming looks, respectable performance - the 916 in all its glory

Just to prove that the Turkish autogas market is quite hermetical, let's say that Vikars, the company producing the reducer, has been in the game since 1999, yet we haven't heard of it before, even though we try and stay in touch with what goes on in the industry around the world. But it's there and makes all sorts of LPG and CNG systems, for both carbureted and petrol-injected engines and for conversion of both petrol and diesel units. Vikars' sequential LPG injection system is called Smart, but other than the name bears no resemblance to Lovato's product.

As far as the 916 reducer goes, its body and covers are made of cast aluminium, providing sturdiness. The LPG intake is 6 or 8 mm in diameter, the outlet is 12 mm and the vacuum connection is 4,5 mm in diameter. The reducer is said to be rather efficient and flexible – according to the manufacturer, it's good for all sorts of engines between 100 and 190 kW (136-258 PS). And while the 916 may not be destined for international career, it's an interesting product from one of the most interesting markets nonetheless.


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