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© Tartarini / You've seen one ECU, you've seen them all - the RAM 01 fails to impress on the outside, but its true worth hides within poprzednie następne
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Tartarini RAM 01 - latest, greatest

Tartarini RAM 01 - latest, greatest © Tartarini

The RAM 01 is an autogas system composed of a Tartarini-made ECU and an LPG reducer provided by RAM Regulators. Based on both companies' proven solutions and technologies, the system is also competitively priced.

The RAM 01 is a sequential vapour state autogas injection system, featuring – apart from the aforementioned components – the reliable Tartarini-sourced EVO 08 injector rail. From a software point of view, the system uses certain solutions previously developed for the Evo 01. First of all, the autocalibration feature is based on Tartarini's own idea – the system collects injection time samples in the petrol mode and translates them into LPG injection times. Other features include, among others:

  • warm engine start-up immediately in LPG mode;
  • Valvetronic, MultiAir and turbo/supercharging support;
  • start/stop system support;
  • petrol interjection strategies (in order to avoid valve saver kits);
  • reading RPM speed from the ignition coil.

Good to know

RAM Regulators has been a part of the Tartarini Auto group since 2013. Originally the company belonged to the Rail group, itself a renowned manufacturer and supplier of autogas injectors.

The ECU is very compact in size and measures 130x120x35 mm (in the no-OBD-support version), including connector and fitting brackets. The preferred reducer for the system is the RAM Mercury HP 01, which is good for engines with up to 179 PS of power. The reducer has an electrovalve and a liquid state LPG filter integrated into it and measures 146x128x98,5 mm in overall size (with water connectors).


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