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SilverLine - silence is golden, price is silver

It is a jungle out there for autogas system manufacturers. Competition is growing stronger, so the prices are becoming lower. How do you offer a cheaper product without sacrificing the quality you have been famous for? The Dutch company Prins seems to have found the golden means. Or rather silver.
What does not meet the eye is the lower price of these new injectors as compared to Keihin counterparts© PrinsThe Silverline injectors have been entirely developed by Prins engineers, but are manufactured by an outside supplier. They closely resemble Keihin injectors, which might be of help

The VSI is Prins's sequential LPG injection system and the company's flagship product. It is known and renowned, but its high price hampers it popularity in certain markets. This is also true for Poland – being able to choose from among a wide assortment of reliable, reasonably priced domestically-produced systems, drivers could hardly care less about the Dutch system. They do realise it is good, the problem is that it is actually too good for many popular cars, which make do with simpler solutions. With the SilverLine, this is about to change.

The trick is done by replacing certain components of the classic VSI with simpler and cheaper ones. The heart and brain of the system, i. e. the ECU, has remained the same (like the reducer, which has been painted silver for a change) and the most serious modification concerns the injector rail. The acclaimed, famous for their precision and durability Keihin injectors have been disposed of and new, Prins-designed ones now stand in for them. They may be less efficient and not as solid as their Japanese counterparts, but do their job of cutting the price down. The SilverLine is dedicated for 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines of up to 180 HP, has EOBD compatibility and 6 MAP presets to choose from.

Does a simplified Prins VSI stand a chance? After all, quality and durability have always accounted for most of the original's appeal and explained the system's higher price. The cheaper, boiled down version may just get lost among an array of similar, yet already more recognisable products. On the other hand, the executives over at Prins probably know exactly what they are doing, so let us throw speculation away and observe the market for installers' and drivers' reaction. If the system proves to be worthy of the name it bears, success should follow suit. Gold is supposed to be better, but come to think of it, silver is just good enough.


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