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Pulstar - the LPG/CNG spark plug

Motor oils, spark plugs and ignition cables developed for use in LPG-/CNG-powered engines are nothing new to us. What is new, though, is a new product in the dedicated-for-gaseous-fuels category – Pulstar spark plugs featuring some innovative solutions.
Enerpulse Pulstar LPG/CNG spark plug© EnerpulseYou've seen one spark plug, you've seen them all? The technology inside makes all the difference

According to the producer, technologies featured in Pulstar spark plugs make them one of a kind. The plugs feature capacitors, which means they can accumulate energy supplied by the ignition system to ensure appropriate discharge power. Energy stored in the spark plug's capacitor can be used to form a 5 MW (megawatt) discharge impulse, thanks to which energy-rich plasma is created to guarantee effective ignition. Enerpulse, the manufacturer of the Pulstar, calls it n-PAC, which stands for nano-Plasma Assisted Combustion. So much for theory, but what does that actually mean?

Among the advantages of the n-PAC Enerpulse lists higher combustion stability and efficiency, easier cold starts, lower fuel consumption (and, accordingly, emissions) and boosted engine performance (power and torque). The company backs the claims with hard data – results of tests held at certified laboratories. The tests confirmed performance improvement for CNG-powered engines with 1,4 to 8,9 l of displacement. To verify the claims, we'll have to wait for feedback from the market, though.


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