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© ACT Expo / Parker Veriflo CNG gas pressure regulator was unveiled at ACT Expo 2014 poprzednie następne
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Parker Veriflo CNG pressure regulator

Parker Veriflo CNG pressure regulator © Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin – a company known in the Polish LPG market mainly as a supplier of flexible gas lines – also provides other components of gas power systems. The newest product in the company’s offer is Veriflo CNG gas pressure regulator.

Parker Hannifin Corporation unveiled the Veriflo CNG gas pressure regulator during NGV Global 2014 that took place along with ACT (Alternative Clean Transportation) Expo 2014 in Long Beach, California.

Parker Veriflo CNG© Parker HannifinParker Veriflo CNG gas pressure regulator and its location in a vehicle

This unit is dedicated for medium and heavy commercial vehicles. The regulator provides a reduction in pressure of gas supplied from tanks, and its stable value is necessary for proper operation of the engine.

Solutions integrated inside the regulator allow to eliminate failures associated with the freezing of fuel lines and vibration damping caused by the gas flow. The regulator also provides a reduction in pressure drop at high flow.

The device can be integrated with a filter and is equipped with a solenoid valve and a heat exchanger that uses heated radiator fluid from the engine cooling system. This new Parker Veriflo CNG gas regulator is designed for 6-to-15 liter engines.

It’s a piston regulator design and its control system allows to achieve flow rates of 165 lb/h (almost 75 kg/h) required for industrial use. It also maintains positive gauge pressure at 15 bar.

Parker’s new CNG Vehicle Gas Regulator System furthers our company’s commitment to providing leading-edge technologies designed to reduce the world’s dependence on oil-based fuels. Our expanded line of Parker CNG components, systems, and solutions for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles gives customers the choice to partner with the industry’s only single-source supplier for alternative fuel systems.

Tamara Horne, General Manager of Parker’s Veriflo Division


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