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MP48 DF - launchpad

AEB – an Italian manufacturer of electronic components for autogas systems – has presented a new ECU. Its name may be anything but memorable, yet it is worth remembering, for it is the core of a diesel-gas system enabling mixing diesel with either LPG or CNG. And if AEB has it today, others will get it soon, too.
AEB MP48 DF ECU© AEBOrdinary on the outside, quite unique inside - the MP48 DF ECU for diesel-gas systems

Thanks to a very broad range of working temperatures (from -40 up to 105 degrees Celsius), the ECU can operate under virtually any conditions. The MP48 DF supports up to two injectors, which means it is still not a sequential injection system adding LPG/CNG to each cylinder separately, but the ECU has a dedicated connector allowing connection to the adapted car's OBD system. It also supports numerous sensors allowing diesel-gas systems to work properly: the gas pressure sensor, the MAP sensor, the coolant temperature sensor, the gas level sensor and the oxygen sensor (lambda sond).

Launching a new type of ECU by the LPG/CNG sector's specialist for electronics means that manufacturers using AEB products as the basis for their own models will soon add diesel-gas systems to their ranges. Unless we are quite a bit mistaken, we should soon expect premieres from Landi Renzo, Elpigaz or Zavoli to name just a few, while beyond doubt each company will tune the ECU to meet their own specifications and equip it with unique features. What matters the most, however, is to convert as many diesels as possible and prevent emissions typical of them, especially particulate matter.


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Robert Markowski
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