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Landi Renzo premieres GIRS12 injector rail

The MED Eco Evo injector rail, designed especially for "0 km" LPG conversions, was originally unveiled at the 2014 edition of the GasShow fair. Now the product is officially available via Landi Renzo's distribution network.
Landi Renzo GIRS12 injector rail© gazeo.comThe new rail is now used in the Skoda Octavia 1,4 TSI dedicated conversion

The rail is currently marketed as the Landi Renzo GIRS12 and is a part of the pre-fitted autogas conversion kit used for Skoda Octavias featuring 150 PS, 1,4 l TSI engines, with turbocharging and direct petrol injection. The cars are converted officially, by trained technicians at Skoda's maintenance centres. The engine is the most powerful unit ever converted in a Skoda over the course of the brand's 10-year cooperation with Landi Renzo in Poland. We had the opportunity to witness one of the first ever conversions of an Octavia featuring the new injector rail.

GIRS12 is slightly smaller than the MED injector rails used by Skoda so far. According to Landi Renzo, it is also significantly quieter in operation and we can confirm it from our experience. And not only is the level of sound lower – it is also "milder" to the ear, if that word expresses the impression correctly. On top of it all, the new injectors are very quick and repetitive – their opening time is 2 ms.

The new rails can feature LPG feed input sockets on either side and can be combined into groups. They're available as 2-, 3- and 4-section rails, each in five efficiency variants:

  • extra extra small (EES) – up to 10 kW/cylinder;
  • extra small (ES) – up to 12,5 kW/cylinder;
  • small (S) – up to 12,5-18 kW/cylinder;
  • medium (M) – up to 17-27,5 kW/cylinder;
  • large (L) – up to 27,5-40 kW/cylinder.


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