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K2 - technological top?

Italian automotive gas industry is not only Landi Renzo, BRC and Lovato – the market also includes many smaller manufacturers, who try consistently to break through to the “top tier” in the LPG sector. GasControl is another contender.
GasControl K2 ECU© GasControlWe really hope GasControl does better at manufacturing efficient controllers than at creating graphic ads that promote them…

K2 is a simplified version of another product from GasControl offer – POWERUeL. Compared with the original version, this controller has been “slimmed down” losing some additional functions and has only those really needed for proper co-operation with simpler, less demanding cars. In fact, the manufacturer boasts that the number of benefits and options in POWERFUeL is so big that it’s easier to name what’s missing in K2 – e.g. a lack of possibility of modifying fuel injection map and programming cyclic extra fuel injections during certain loads and engine speeds, as well as no function of supplying gas injectors with higher voltage to make sure they open properly regardless of conditions.

So what does K2 actually have? A full automatic calibration – said to be very precise – a data recorder, a module that allows the controller to “learn” and adapt better to driving conditions. The system also switches on automatically after refueling with gas (some installations need to be switched on manually if they were previously switched off after running out of LPG, which can lead to unintended running on petrol if the driver forgets to press the button after start up). This somewhat limited functionality of K2 results from the fact that it’s a controller dedicated exclusively to four-cylinder engines. There are two versions available – one that is compatible with OBD and one that is not. Both have all necessary sensors built in (gas pressure and temperature sensors) – their connections are visible on the casing.


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