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GasControl POWERFUeL - a bold statement

GasControl of Italy is a little known manufacturer of LPG system ECUs and apparently an heir to the company formerly known as Bedini. However, they claim their POWERFUeL control unit is actually the best of its kind in the world. What does it offer to back up this bold statement?
GasControl POWERFUeL autogas system ECU© GasControlUnassuming as it looks, it is supposed to include an unmatched number of features

Among the ECU's built-in features are:

  • single-click self-calibration;
  • OBD scanner;
  • OBD-based self-diagnostics and real-time LPG dose adjustment (patented);
  • "black box" for self-learning;
  • high voltage spike for most effective opening of autogas injectors (patented);
  • cleaning of petrol injectors with regular interjections to protect them as well as valves and valve seats (patented);
  • tri-fuel engine operation (including ethanol);
  • mapping the petrol ECU for better performance and reduced fuel consumption;
  • smooth cold starting in LPG mode, even at very low temperatures;
  • driving log allowing to browse through history of start-ups, loads and all events recorded by the petrol ECU;
  • and more.

We've seen some of the above under different names (like using petrol interjections under load instead of valve saver fluids), but still we're intrigued, especially by the petrol ECU mapping feature. But since seeing is believing, we'll save the fanfare until we've actually seen it work.


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Robert Markowski
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