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"No risk, no fun”, they say. Well, that depends. Sometimes it's just better not to take risk and go for safe, proven solutions instead. Especially when there can actually be more fun without the risk component. How's that possible? Well, isn't it more pleasant to drive when you know the engine of your car is properly protected and has minimal negative impact on the environment?
Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid bottle© FlashlubeNothing to hide here!

The Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid has been designed well over 30 years ago to serve a particular purpose: to protect engine valves and valve seats agains premature wear. The thing is an additive like this one should do its job all the while remaining as neutral as Switzerland in times of war. Since the lubricant combusts, at least partially, together with fuel, it must be composed in such a way that it doesn't affect exhaust gasses in a negative way (otherwise, there could still be lead compounds in petrol), but also it has to be non-toxic while it still remains in its original packaging. And that's exactly what Flashlube is – non-hazardous at all times.

The fact that the fluid is harmless has a practical aspect – it can be transported alongside other products, posing no risk of contamination. The manufacturer clearly demonstrates there is nothing to hide by packaging the Valve Saver Fluid in clear, transparent bottles. Even so it may not be perfectly obvious that the contents are as safe as milk (although be advised not to drink it!), but admittedly the clear packaging with green "non-hazardous” sign and the fluid's neutral colour evoke a feeling of trust. Flashlube actually prides itself on making the formula user- and environment-friendly.

We have seen in many countries, products claim to be ‘just like Flashlube’, however they carry severe poison signs on the labels so they are clearly not like Flashlube. In fact, our non-hazardous labeling is something that we are very proud of. We have even decided against certain product releases because we have been unable to achieve a non hazardous solution.

Brent Hutchinson, Flashlube Marketing Manager



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