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ESGI 2 Rapid - buy fast, fit fast

Eko Alma, an autogas components manufacturer from Radwanice, Poland, keeps expanding its product range, including the ESGI family of sequential LPG injection ECU's. The ESGI 2 Rapid is the latest addidion and it is supposed to be both affordable and easy to fit.
Eko Alma ESGI 2 Rapid ECU connectors and sockets© Eko AlmaSimpler means faster, easier and cheaper, but not worse!

The Rapid ECU is based upon the ESGI 2 Black, itself supporting the converted car's OBD system and engines compliant with the Euro 5 emission standard. The Rapid takes matters one step further – it has a unified wiring harness (a single 24-pin socket), an integrated pressure sensor and an integrated interface socket. This shortens and simplifies the conversion process, for additional accessories, wires and hoses become redundant – plugging into the connectors in the casing is all it takes.

Eko Alma claims the Rapid is as functional as the Black version and not just a simpler, poorer variant of the latter. Only the conversion process has been made easier, since conversion kits include fewer components. Converting a car using the ESGI 2 Rapid is thus supposed to save time, space and money. Seems like nothing but benefits! Something for you to consider when you choose to convert your car to run on autogas...


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