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EPR - Landi Renzo's new pressure regulator

During the ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas, Landi Renzo USA announced plans to introduce the brand's most technologically advanced electronic methane pressure regulator – the EPR – to its North American line-up.
Landi Renzo USA© Landi Renzo USAWill electronic CNG pressure regulators push mechanical ones out of the market? We shall see

According to Landi Renzo's representatives, the EPR (Electronic Pressure Regulator) is one of the most technologically advanced pressure regulators of all such products used today in automotive CNG systems. A number of innovative solutions has been incorporated, thus providing the EPR with a number of features unattainable to regular, mechanical pressure regulators, including.

The Landi Renzo EPR's potential and features are, among others:

  • electronic control of output pressure depending on engine model and ambient condition,
  • enough efficiency for use with high-capacity, high-consumption engines, e. g. those in heavy-duty commercial vehicles,
  • improved cold start (compared to mechanical pressure regulator),
  • compact single-stage build, making it easier to fit the regulator in the vehicle,
  • improved reliability and durability in low ambient temperatures due to absolute lack of rubber components,
  • no heating required; the optionally available heater is for protection of other CNG system components featuring rubber parts, e. g. injectors,
  • specially designed low gas pressure system ensures constant efficiency regardless of CNG pressure in the tanks (provides declared efficiency even below 20 bars of pressure),
  • fuel consumption reduction (compared to mechanical pressure regulator),
  • control and diagnostics software integrated into the ECU for easy communication with the engine management system through the vehicle's CAN bus,
  • broad range of OEM applications.

We are releasing a piece of innovative technology that will deliver immediate and tangible benefits to our customers by virtually eliminating several limitations affecting the conventional systems. Our customers will be pleased with the new standard of performance achievable with the Electronic Pressure Regulator, in particular during cold engine starts at very low ambient temperature, with the compact packaging and the level of integration achievable with the engine and vehicle control system.

Marco Genova, Vice President of Engineering for Landi Renzo USA

Landi Renzo USA expects the EPR will be available by October 2015. It is going to be gradually phased into existing CNG systems, including the 2016 MY Ford F-450/F-550 featuring a 6,8 l V10 engine. More applications will follow suit.


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