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Certools - filtering in a new way

Certools has introduced a new range of gaseous state fuel filters. They can be used for both liquefied autogas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). The truly new feature is the filtering material, different and reportedly more effective than those used to date.
Certools F-782 filter with bulpren insert© CertoolsAs you can see from this cutaway section of the F-782 filter, the bulpren insert fills it entirely, which is very good from the point of view of efficiency

Certools' new filters utilise bulpren instead of paper, polyester or fiberglass as their filtering medium. Bulprens in general are filtering foams with open cell structure, effective in filtering of gasses, particularly air. Certools has employed bulpren's properties for filtering gaseous motor fuels, thus becoming the first company to do so. The bulpren-based filter is already available on the market.

The material fills up the entire housing of the filter, which means its effective filtering surface grows considerably compared to traditional filters, based on paper, polyester or fiberglass. Due to that, bulpren filters are also much more absorbent, especially when it comes to oily fractions contained in gaseous fuels. Furthermore, bulpren is insensitive to solvents.

Bulpren owes its high absorptiveness to the very structure of the material. Its pores are shaped and positioned in a way forcing the gas flowing through to change direction abruptly. When fuel is subject to inertia, so are the particles contaminating it, which „drop out” of the flowing stream and cumulate inside the filter. Because of that, bulpren filters work similarly to centrifugal filters, but are much simpler in build.

Bulpren filters are very efficient – their filtering ratio is as high as 99,7%. Also, they are cheaper and much smaller than fiberglass-based filters. They are disposable, housed within aluminium casings. Their working temperature range is very broad, stretching from -40 up to 120° C. And even though they are classified as class B (up to 450 kPa working pressure), tests have shown filters are equally efficient at 1015 kPa – they do not deform or lose sealing. Two bulpren filters are now on offer – the F-781 and the F-782. They are both homologated to be used either with LPG or CNG systems. Homologation certificate numbers are E20-67R-011006 and E20-110R-000047, respectively.


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